Club Rules

1.0    Name and Aims

  1. The name of the club shall be the ’Tiverton and Heathcoat Photographic Club
    1. The aim and purpose of the club shall be to promote and further the interests of photography within the scope of the club.

2.0    Membership

  • Membership shall be open to anyone aged 16 years or over, subject to the approval of the committee.
    • Membership of the club will automatically imply agreement to and compliance with the rules of the club.
    • Membership will include the use of all the facilities of the club and optional entry to any of the competitions therein.
    • The General Committee shall reserve the right to refuse membership to any person at its discretion.
    • Any member may resign from the club upon formal notice in writing to the Secretary. Such member must return any money or property belonging to the club before leaving.
    • The club shall not accept responsibility for any or mishap to any club member or their property however caused.
    • In the event of any dispute or disagreement, any member shall have the right to put their case to the General Committee for a ruling. Any such ruling shall be final and binding on all parties.
    • Any member required to use public or private transport while on club business can apply to the club for reimbursement of those expenses.
    • Any non member who is interested in joining the club may attend up to two meetings as a visitor at a cost of £2 per visit.
  • The subscription year starts on 1st February each year.
    • The subscription is set each year at the Annual General Meeting.
    • Subscriptions for new members will be on a graduated scale as decided at the Annual General Meeting.
    • The TOTAL subscription shall include the obligatory fee for membership of the Heathcoat Social Club.

4.0    Facilities

  • Meetings shall be held on Mondays at the Heathcoat Social Club starting at 7.30 pm unless otherwise announced.
    • Members shall be acquainted with the programme of the club by announcement, printed programme, email or internet.
    • No unauthorised person shall be allowed on to any club premises or to use any equipment belonging to the club.
    • Club equipment may be loaned to members at the discretion of the General Committee.

5.0    Committee & Annual General Meeting

  • The A.G.M. shall take place each year in January.
    • The General Committee shall be elected at each A.G.M.
    • The General Committee shall comprise the elected officers and any other members deemed necessary.
    • The General Committee shall convene at least every two months.
    • Minutes of all meetings shall be kept by the Secretary in an official minutes book.

6.0    Sub­Committees

  • The General Committee shall have the right to appoint any sub­committee thought necessary to perform any action or investigation outside the scope of the General Committee, with the power to co­opt up to two ordinary members to serve on any such sub­committee.
    • Any such sub­committee so formed must contain at least one member of the General Committee.
    • All sub­committees shall be answerable to the General Committee at all times and any research must be reported to the General Committee at the earliest opportunity.

7.0    Emergency Committee

  • There shall be an Emergency Committee comprising the elected officers of the club to deal with the dissolution of the club.
    • In the event of the dissolution of the club all equipment shall be sold and the proceeds donated to local organisations as decided by the Emergency Committee.

8.0    General Competition Rules

  • Competition subjects and competition rules shall be set by the General Committee. This committee reserves the right to alter the rules when deemed necessary.
    • All competition entries MUST be the entrant’s own work.
    • Each image or part image can only be entered into a competition once and cannot be used again. The only exception to this rule is the Les Dowzell Memorial Cup which allows entries that have been entered into a previous competition during the preceding six months.
  • All competition entries are to be submitted to the Competition Secretary together with a completed and signed entry form on the date due. These forms can be downloaded from the club’s website. The Competition Secretary will check that each entry is correct before it is forwarded to the judge. Any entries that have not been presented correctly will be withheld from the competition.
    • Under the new W.C.P.F. guidelines it is the responsibility of the Competition Secretary to ensure that all images put forward to the judge are suitable for judging.
    • In the event of a member winning a trophy they will be allowed to keep it at home until it is due to be awarded again the following year.

9.0    Awards

  • There are four placings in each competition. These are first, second , third and commended. Prints and PDI’s are judged separately but in the Ray Perry Memorial Competition there is just one cup that is awarded to the overall winner. However, the winner of each section in every competition will receive an engraved medallion that they can keep.